Danielskuil lies at the foot of the Kuruman Hills, 90km south of Kuruman and forms the eastern border of the Green Kalahari region. According to tradition, the town got its name from the fact that the Griqua leader Adam Kok I used a 6 metre deep snake infested sinkhole in the dolomite limestone as a prison. This story reminded early white settlers of the Biblical story of Daniel in the lion's den, prompting them to rename the town from the 1816 name of "Fraaifontein" to the current name in use since 1820.

The town is sustained by mining activity and cattle farming. The main minerals produced are lime at Lime Acres, diamonds at the Finsch Diamond Mine south of Lime Acres and marble.

The Main Attractions are:
* Boesmansgat
Boesmansgat is a unique natural sinkhole that is renowned as the second deepest and largest sinkhole in the world. It is found on the farm "Mount Carmel".
* The British Fort
The British Fort was built during the Anglo-Boer War on a hillock overlooking the town.
* Gaol
Visit the sinkhole from which the name of Danielskuil was derived.
* Hiking
Go hiking in the Mount Carmel area.
* Hunting
The gemsbok is the largest of the oryx, or long-horned antelopes.Gemsbok have dramatic facial masks with halter-like markings paired with white patches. Black striping extends along the sides near the underbelly. A short mane runs from the head to the shoulders.They range in color from buffy tan to brown. Males have a tuft of black hairs on the throat.Horns, which can grow to 58.5 inches long, extend straight back from the head. The lower half are ringed. The female's horns tend to be more slender and longer than the male's.
The typical red dunes of the Kalahari with the mighty Orange River in the background depicts the typical scenary of the Green Kalahari.
©South African Tourism
©South African Tourism
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Rest-a-while guest house

Welcome to Rus 'n Bietjie guest house where you can rest a while in the comfort of your own room or outside listening to the birds sing. Our seven grass roof cottages have single or double beds, each with its own bathroom, either with a shower or bath. We are on the Kuruman road in Danielskuil.

* Own Restaurant
* Close to nature
* Each bedroom has its own bathroom
* TV with DSTV in each room
* Beverages available in rooms
* Braai
* Birdwatching                                                                        
Rest-a-while guest house
Green Kalahari Star Accommodation
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