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Photo taken by Angel Brummer at Hakskeen Pan near Askham shortly after the rains in November 2010. What an awesome sight. Not bad for a semi-desert.The mighty Orange River. Taken at Uizip, 30km from Upington.The well-known Witgat tree of the Kalahari.The Lower Orange region is characterized by these wonderful irrigation canals - the lifeline for the irrigation farms in the region.A fully operational waterwheel in Kakamas. Yes, Kakamas has more waterwheels than Keimoes.A beautiful sight indeed - vineyards in Kakamas and the golden export product of the Lower Orange Valley.The famous Donkey statue of Upington - located outside the Upington museum in Schroder street.The camel statue in front of the Upington Police Station in Schroder Street.Kudus in the grasland of the Kalahari. A relatively common sight and the nightmare of drivers at night in the region.A Kudu bull up close.Even closer, the kudu remains a magnificent animal.The Gemsbok is probably the undisputed champion of the Kalahari.
Images provided by Neal Cooper of Neal Cooper Photography.