The story of Groblershoop, 109 km east of Upington, started in the 1870s when pioneering white farmers settled in the area. In the 1890s, a hydroelectric generator and pump was build by A. J. Litchfield, who submitted a propsal for a dam and canal in 1895. The Boegoeberg Dam was build in 1933 and is the third largest dam in the Orange River. Groblershoop was founded as an administrative center in 1936 and was named after Piet Grobler, minister of land affairs at the time.

The main products are sultanas, lucerne and karakul farming.

The Main Attractions are:
* Boegoeberg Dam
Boegoeberg Dam was build in 1933 and is surrounded by the Kalahari's red sand dunes and quiver trees. It offers watersports and angling.
* Eselkloupan
This fossilised track resembles the spoor of a donkey.
* Roaring Sands
The white sand of the area, surrounded by the red dunes, "roar' when the wind blows.
* Water Turbine
On the farm Winstead, you can inspect a water turbine driven by solid oak gears imported from England in 1910.
Gemsbok are common in the area. The Gemsbok is mainly a grazer, feeding mainly on the sparse dry desert grasses.  If grass is not available they will browse and dig for roots.  They will drink water if available from waterholes and streams but can survive days or even weeks without it.  Gemsbok feed early in the morning, late in the afternoon and on moonlit nights when the water content of the plants are at their highest.  They will also eat wild melons and such for their water content.
The typical red dunes of the Kalahari with the mighty Orange River in the background depicts the typical scenary of the Green Kalahari.
©South African Tourism
©South African Tourism
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