Postmasburg has its origins in a London Missionary Society station called Sibiling. as more Griqua settlers moved into the area, it developed into a rural settlement called Blinkklip. When the white migrating stock farmers moved into the area, the need for a church arose. Avilliage was formally proclaimed on 6 June 1892 and named after the Reverend Dirk Postma, one of the founders of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Originally Postmasburg was little more than a cattle-ranching station, but the town has developed into a commercial and distribution centre for mining and stock farming. The railway from Kimberley reached Postmasburg in 1930 and was later extended to Dingleton (Sishen) and Hotazel.

After mining the main economic activity is stock farming with cattle, sheep and goats.

Diamonds were the first mineral to be mined after a diamond was found in 1918 by a prospector named Casper Venter in a meerkat hole. Today diamonds are still mined in the area.  More significant, however, are the manganese mines especially at Beeshoek, 10km northwest of Postmasburg, after large deposits of manganese were first discovered in 1926.

The Main Attractions are:

* Blinkklipkop (Tsantsabane)
Archeological finding about 5km northeast of Postmasburg that indicates that the Khoisan mined specularite, shiny black iron oxide, there from at least 700 AD.
* Witsand Nature Reserve
The Witsand nature reserve with its flowing white dunes cradled by contrasting red Kalahari dunes, the smokey grey Langberge mountains and Acacia woodland is the home of the famous Kalahari Roaring Sands and over 150 bird species.
* Howitzer Cannon
Located at the civic centre it was erected to honour the men of Postmasburg who lost their lives in WWII.
* Postmas Diamond Mine
The old mine is  Postmasburg's own "Big Hole". It is an open-cast mine that is 45m deep. In 1935 it was flooded by water seeping from the dolomite formations so that the mine is now filled with clear water and is well-stocked with fish.
* Reformed Church & Rev Dirk Postma Statue
A blue dolomite stone building erected in 1908.
* Hunting
Howitzer CannonLocated at the civic centre it was erected to honour the men of Postmasburg who lost their lives in WWII
The statue of the Reverand Postma in Postmaburg.
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