The Orange River Wine Cellars

The cellars are made up of 5five wineries. The head office is in Upington and a short drive from the cetre of the town of Upington will take you to the industrial area where the five-cellar co-operative is located. The co-operative is the largest in the country and the second largest in the world.  The five wineries are situated in Upington, Groblershoop, Grootdrink, Keimoes and Kakamas.
The wine grapes of Oranjerivier Wine Cellars originate from 930 producers all along the Orange River. These pockets of vineyard land stretch over a distance of more than 300 kilometers between Groblershoop and Blouputs. The terroir (geophysical and microclimatical) diversity of this unequalled thirstland translates into the production of cultivar and blended wines of inimitable variation insofar as aromatic and taste qualities are concerned.
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The Orange River Wine Cellars situated in Upington. The head-office of Oranjerivier Wine Cellars is located in Upington, a town in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Five wineries have been established in Kakamas, Keimoes, Grootdrink and Groblershoop, whilst grape juice cellars operate from Kanoneiland, Kakamas and Grootdrink.
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Orange River Wine Cellars Product Range. The Southern Kalahari landscape, embracing the features of this unique and still developing wine producing region, provides for a land of contrasts where flourishing vineyards, gifted by the water from the Orange River, deliver wines of special quality. Our wines are renowned for their healthy colours and distinctive aromatic and flavour properties, all of which are inherited from the prevailing terroir conditions, enhanced by avant garde cellar technology.Great emphasis is placed on delivering complex, fruit-driven wines, immediately accessible, easily drinkable, and consumer friendly. Within every portfolio of wines there are some variants which can also be bottle matured for varying periods of time. In addition, oak treatment is at times employed through stave and/or barrel wood application to add judiciously to the flavour personality of the selected wines.
The grapes from which the wines are produced comes from 794 producers along the  Orange River covering an area of more than 300km stretching from Groblershoop in the east to Blouputs in the west, an area known as the Orange River Valley.

An extensive range of wines is produced, ranging from dry white wine, natural sweet wines and dry red wine. Variouss desert wines are also produced.  Wine tasting and tours are offered.
The piquant white wines remind one of the lifegiving vigour which the waters of the Orange River inject into this area where there is simply no fat on the land and no luxuriance anywhere. Served ice-cold, these lip-smacking wines are the ideal sprightly accompaniment to all occasions.

The spouting plumes of fume and fury, captures in the vortex of the Augrabies Waterfalls, are handsomely portrayed in the bubbly abundance of the brut and doux sparkling wines. Drink these sparkles to your heart's delight from morning till eve: it will enhance the twinkle in every relationship and put that extra lightness in each step.
The red wines of Oranjerivier Wine Cellars are renowned for their fruit properties, sensory balance and easy accessibility, rendering them ideal for immediate enjoyment.

The Rosé with its elegant nuances of sweetness brings to mind a breathtakingly, beautiful Kalahari sunset. The ideal wine for outdoor enjoyment and to serve with fresh fruit and informal cuisine.
Oranjerivier Wine Cellars offer an extensive range of dry white, natural sweet and dry red, as well as dessert wines. These wines are successfully marketed locally and internationally and enjoyed by wine amateurs and cognoscenti alike. 
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